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Surfer Sunday

"Surfer Sundays"

The Purpose:

A personal meme to list all the interesting blogs, sites, etc. that I've drifted across during the course of the previous week.

NOTE: I did a brief google-blog search for meme's of this sort, but didn't find anything like it (the closest I found was the "Saturday Spotlight" at Kristen's "Bookworming in the 21st century" blog, but that was just too in depth for me!) If I've inadvertedly lifted this idea from someone, please let me know!

The Rules:

* List the title of the blog (with a link) and the author. Screenshots or profile pictures are welcome.

* Give a brief description of the blog (1-2 sentence(s) maximum).

* Any other comments. [Development is still in progress]

* Visit the site in question and leave a nice comment (or two) on their blog!

* Showcase as many blogs (or as less) as you want.

My Surfing:

August 23 - "My Handbound Books"

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