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Friday Finds

"Friday Finds"

The Purpose:

To share with others the "new-to-you" books found during the course of the week, either on the web (blogs or otherwise), through recommendations (newspaper, family, friends, etc.), or by browsing (in the library or the bookstore). These are books that you either want to add to you TBR pile, or that just sounded interesting, unique, groovy, etc.

The Rules:

* Write a post about you finds.

* Share the link in a comment at Should Be Reading’s current “Friday Finds” post.

My Finds:

2 October
25 September - 2 books by Harper
18 September - missed!
11 September - 3 books by Carriger, Hieber, and Nation
4 September - 1 book by Nayeri
28 August - 9 books by Bretton, Clement-Davies, Doyle, Fantaskey, Grange, Harrison, Murdock, Pauley, and Y'Barbo

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