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20in2009 Reading Challenge

"20 in 2009" Reading Challenge

Challenge Rules:

* You must have a website since you have to keep an online progress page. You can get free ones from wordpress.com or blogspot.com if you need to.

I'll be keeping track of my list below - with links to specific postings at my main blog.

* You must create a progress page, which will be updated each time you complete one of your 20 books. For more information about progress pages and an example of how you can do them, click here. If you do not have a progress page and would like to post your books as regular blog updates one at a time as you finish, please create a tag or category specific to the challenge that I can look at.

This post will act as my progress page, but I will also add a label ("20in2009") to specific book posts.

* You can read as many books as you want by an author or in the same series. If the book is a re-read, it must be from a year ago.

Even though I love re-reads (good ones are like visiting old friends ;-), I think I'll stick to new books for this challenge.

* If you begin the book in 2008 and finish it in 2009, it does count for this challenge.

Since I'm beginning in late August, it's not an issue!

* The following do not count: comics, catalogs, manga, journals, audiobooks.

I don't listen to audiobooks (I tried, but then got bored...), and I don't even count catalogs as reading. As a personal challenge, I won't include children's (picture, beginners or J's) or teen books, even though I read a lot of them.

* The following does count: paperbacks, hardbacks, advanced copies, ebooks. You can read fiction or nonfiction, the choice is up to you.

Since I tend to read equal amounts of fiction and non-fiction, neither will be a problem. But I promise to be a good girl, and read strictly big-peoples books ;-)

* You must link back to this challenge with the button provided or one that you make for your own personal use, or even a text link.

I've placed the button provided on the sideline of my blog, where it lists the title ("20in2009 Reading Challenge"), as well as my progress. The button itself links to this post.

* If you intend to participate, leave a comment on the main entry stating so. You will then be added to the participants list.

I left a comment earlier today!

* Everyone who successfully completes the 20 in 2009 challenge will win a small award graphic to display on their website.

The List:

1. "Elements of murder: a history of poison" by John Emsley (2005) - finished 23 Aug.

2. "A brief guide to Greek myths" by Stephen Kershaw (2007) - finished...

3. "A night in lonesome October" by Roger Zelazny (1993) - finished 25 Aug.

4. "Beatrix Potter: the extraordinary life of a Victorian genius" by Linda Lear (2007) - finished...


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